Rachel's Story

Rachel's Story

Why did you choose to study a BTEC?

I decided to do BTEC in IT as it was focused on coursework which I thought would be better suited for me as I am a more practical learner. When I was doing my GSCEs I went to an open day at Queens University and spoke to a professor who did BTEC IT and he encouraged me to do BTEC IT. I thought most universities had a negative perception towards BTEC courses, but I was mistaken.

What was your favourite thing about the BTEC?

The two best things about my BTEC course are that it taught me the fundamentals of Python and I learnt how to build a computer. Learning the fundamentals of Python helped me then proceed on to learn other programming languages such as Java and JavaScript. The regular assignments also taught me time management skills that are essential to any job. The most challenging part of my BTEC course for me was doing presentations but it prepared me for presentations in the workplace.

What are you doing now?

I am doing an apprenticeship with Deloitte. In this role I have contributed to a variety of projects in the public and private sectors. On these projects, I have been an automation tester using JavaScript, elenium and Cucumber and am currently in a developer role using a low code application called BeInformed. My goal is always to meet the client’s technical requirements as best I can while also working towards my personal development goals and I really love that I can learn while doing my degree and apply my skillset in real applications.

In my interview, Deloitte asked if I had any practical experience working with teams and programs programs, which because of my BTEC in IT, I did. I applied for many apprenticeships and got accepted to the majority of them, but I chose Deloitte as I could apply the skills I learnt in my BTEC there.

Would you recommend BTEC?

Yes, I would happily recommend anyone considering BTEC to give it a shot. For myself, I’m immensely proud of getting onto the Deloitte Brightstart Scheme. Deloitte is one of the big four so I was uncertain if I could achieve the grades necessary, but my BTEC really helped me get a place.

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